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Post by admin on Feb 20th, 2011, 11:41am

The BWO object is the most tested UFO object in the world. It matches nothing on our planet. Scientists have stated on record that it is a new alloy made for a specific purpose and to their knowledge does not exist.

Since Bobs death in November 2009 Larry Cekander, Bobs business partner and Dixie Maynard have continued the search for the truth Bob started in 1996 with the first test performed on the artifact he recovered in Colorado.

Since then testing has been on going in labs accross the country including Los Alamos National Laboritories in New Mexico, Scripps in San Diego California, New Mexico School of mines and minerals, MIT in Boston, and many others. The latest testing performed at MSU in Springfield Missouri where the latest anomalies where found by Materials researcher David Lamb. These included findings of an amorphous peak and a polycrystilline semiconductor. To his knowledge this type of material is not found anywhere on earth.

Since 1996 when tests where first initiated on the Bob White Artifact many unususal things have been identified in the object. 33 elements have been identified so far with some of them the most rare to be found on earth or else where for that matter. We have detected EMF radiation coming from the object in the 500 hertz range which can be detected with any Radio Shack EMF meter.

Bubble Chamber tests where performed in San Diego which detected neutron radiation, gamma and Xray's from the object. The neutron radiation can only come from a nuclear reactor or exposure to intense solar radiation.

We know is was formed in a vacuum invirorment from the feathered chads on the outside of the object. We know the object was in a molten condition, ejected under extreme presure into a very cold enviroment causing uncontrolled cooling of the object. We know the object has a very unusual amorphous peak and an may be a polychristilline semi-condutor. To our knowledge this type of material is not found anywhere on earth.

There is a silver content of 4.3% that was detected during xray defraction tests done in Springfield Missouri in 2009. Silver is used a catalyst for a supercondutor. Superconductivity experiments where in their infancy in 1985 when this object was recovered.