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David Lamb expert in physics and material science.
Post by admin on Dec 22nd, 2009, 08:09am

Research Scientist David Lamb, expert in physics and material science.
Also works at a major US university. Findings were achieved using
X-Ray Diffraction Analysis: The artifact showed an unique “amorphous peak
and is a polycrystalline semiconductor”. To his knowledge this type of material
is not found anywhere on Earth. Also there is silver concentration of 4.3%,
here on Earth silver is used in this form by experimental scientist as a
catalyst for a superconductor. It is sprayed over aluminum and thus is in small
amounts as we see here from the test results. He postulated that this
could be used on a craft as a way to dispel magnetic fields, especially
in space as there is no energy expenditure needed for superconductivity.
Lamb has further speculated that this artifact is in fact a “quasi-crystal of
complex structure.” This is only in its early stages on Earth in the form of nanotechnology.

I am convinced Bob White saw what he describes. I have known Bob, Dr Gibbons, and Larry since January and have become good friends with them. They are not Hoaxers, but 3 retired men who have big hearts and are on a quest to solve the mystery of the object.

Before I met these guys I was a big skeptic. In fact, had they been up font with me and told me they had a piece of UFO, I would not have given them the time of day. In 1997 me and my wife witnessed the V shaped UFO over Phoenix. My wife insisted it was a UFO but I insisted it was simply an airforce aircraft, It didn't look that strange to me. It wasn't until the next day that the sighting was big news. I still believed it was an airforce project as we lived within a few miles of Luke AFB.

What's different now is that I have physical evidence. The physical evidence shows very unusual properties and a stoichiometry of materials that indicates a very technologically advanced metal. To my knowledge such technology did not exist in 1985 and only exist today at the experimental stages. That is enough evidence for me to investigate further. As Yb pointed out before, 99.9 % of UFO evidence is personal testimony, now we have physical evidence that can be tested.