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EMF radiation positive on all tests
Post by admin on Aug 12th, 2011, 09:51am

Since 2000 the Museum research group has performed several tests on the Bob White object including x-ray, and emf detectors.
In every test done we have had a positive result from the object..
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The first test done was x-ray exposure tests at the Museum performed by a former NASA scientist and expert in reading exposure's of film.
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The object exposed one film with 2 pin point rays from the object. these where directed exposure's, not a random scattered exposure like background radiation found say in a hospital x-ray room.
The next test done was performed by Rob Simone using a very good, German made EMF meter. The results where positive for that test as well.
We used a geiger counter shown on a TV interview which also had positive results. This may have been some background radiation but with past tests they can not be positively ruled out as to accuracy of the test.
Following the Rob Simone tests i bought a multi detector from the same German maker of EMF meters used by Rob on his test. many tests where done using this meter in locations all over the country and every time we got a postive reading in the low band "500 hertz" coming from the object. this is the band used mostly for communications. Does this mean the object is sending out a signal to someone and it could be a location device of some sort?
I did bubble chamber testing on the object using state of the art radiation detectors and got positive reading on all the detectors use in the test including fast neutron, gamma and beta. All where low level but they where from the object. When the object was removed no bubbles where detected in any tube.
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A sample was sent to MIT and a faraday cage was used to do EMF testing on the piece. Emf was again detected coming from the sample of the object. A faraday cage encloses the sample so random EMF signals can not interfer with the test.
Results show from every test performed that the OBJECT is producing a signal from it.
Larry Cekander
Lead Projects coordinator
Museum research group.
Reeds Spring, MO.