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Feb 21st, 2018, 1:35pm

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The presumption that the UFO phenomenon MUST be validated
by the appearance of unearthly alloys or materials is an idea we find
no reason to embrace. The components of a terrestrial planet orbiting a star
500 light years away are likely very similar to our earth's. A race building a physical
spacecraft there would likely use the same alloys and metals we would use.
We Have Physical Evidence of UFOs!
The Bob White Artifact is the ROSETTA STONE of UFO physical evidence.

The Museum of the Unexplained was formed in October of 2000
by Robert White and Larry Cekander as business partners to study the
object recovered by Mr. White during a UFO encounter in Colorado.
There is NO earthly match to the elemental make up of the Bob White artifact. .


"Larry, Attached is final report with DTA addendum. To describe
the Bob White object in the simplest possibly way, I think you can say it
is an agglomeration of rapidly cooled droplets/particles of
an aluminum silicon alloy. With such an unusual
structure, I can only speculate on how it was formed. Maybe we
can discuss some time. Let me know what you think.
Rudy Olson, On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 "

Bob White I believe was killed in November of 2009 right after the last major tv
show done on us. I have his car at my house and it shows damage
consistent with being run off the road.

and the Museum of the Unexplained Aerial Anomalies Research Group.
Mr. Cekander is a published author on the subject of UFO and physical trace
evidence and possible extraterrestrial visitation to this planet. He has written one
book "YOU CAN ONLY GO AS FAR AS YOU PUSH" The Bob White Legacy, and
updated Bob Whites original book UFO HARD EVIDENCE both being Published by
Galde press. He is contributor to Fate Magazine and has authored an article in
Un-X News Magazine in 2012 summer quarterly. He has done many interviews
concerning the Bob White Artifact and testing of the object recovered by Bob White
The Bob White artifact HAS PROPERTIES IDENTIFIED not in any
earth manfactured aluminum alloy including EMF signals, gamma, beta and
fast neutron emmisions, and has elongated silicon sprules shown in its
matrix indicating off earth formation. The tests from the labs show no earthly match.

I have scientific test results showing this with accredited scientists who have
gone on record stating this more than once on tv shows we have done
IN THE UK AND many radio interviews. This is just the tip of the evidence
on the artifact we have. You can visit these websites to see more of what we have.
I'm looking for help to present this to the public and to inform the population of
the UFO COVERUP still being perpetrated by our government. Our physical
evidence is real, has been tested and proven it was not from on our planet.

Bottom Line
You can only go as far as you push!! Available from GALDE PRESS.
You can only go as far as you push!!

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« Thread started on: Nov 4th, 2014, 12:33pm »

National Institute for Discovery Science

Why is it so important for NIDS to debunk what is the smoking gun?

What is their agenda? Why are they so eager to debunk me on and inaccurate analasis?

If they are not government funded debunkers shouldn't they want the truth?

First person i dealt with at NIDS was Mr. Pete McDuff who tried to discourage me.

So he was replaced by Col. John Alexander (retired) who also tried to discourage me but failed.

Now Col. Alexander is replaced by Dr. Colm Kelleher who is trying to discourage me but will also fail.

No one can discourage the truth.

The sad part of all of this is i was going to ask Mr Bigelow to take the object and perform the necessary tests to determine where the object came from since i know Mr. Bigelow has the finances to do this.

However that is now out of the question since NIDS has already decided the object and I are a fraud.

Incidentally I don't want thousands of dollars for the object, try millions.

Bob White July 19, 2004

"I believe Bob White has the real hard evidence of extraterrestrial visitation," says Franklin Carter, president of the institute for UFO research.
Scientist thinks some other academics who have examined the object might have deliberately tried to cover up the truth about it's alien origins.

The Los Alamos report concluded the object was not a meteor but an unknown object of unknown origin.

NIDS Analysis Of Bob White Metal Piece Rense.com. NIDS Analysis Of Bob White Metal Piece By Colm Kelleher NIDS 6-12-04. Analysis of Metal Sample Mr. White, findings are inconsistent with the facts of the case and the results by NIDS on tests done in New Mexico Tech. www.rense.com/general53/piece.htm this was posted on Jeff Rense on 6-12-04..

The actual test Done by NIDS on the Bob White metal were done Aug 8, 1996. Hardly the latest testing done by labs all over the country..

and far from correct in their findings .. in fact not even close to their supposed close match with 360 alloy casting.

There are 9 elements in 360 ... and one is tin .. No tin in the White metal, but there are 22 elements in it found by NIDS 14 more than a 360 alloy.

This quote from the http://www.ufowatchdog.com/whitemetal.html

Well hello Mr Kelleher..

You seem to be quite the authority on the Bob White metal recovered in 1985.

You describe this test that NIDS did as the definitive answer to the question as to the origin of this metal from your quote..

Your quote sir ."Bob White http://www.hardevidence.com/ has tried to sell his metal for thousands of dollars claiming it to be extraterrestrial.

This statement is even wrong. He is asking much more than that.

With this latest analysis from NIDS, it is clear there is nothing extraordinary about the metal."

Why don't you say this is the only test done by NIDS...

Also it was the first one done on the metal..

It was also a very basic elemental done at NEW MEXICO TECH for NIDS

Being the PRESTIGIOUS group that you claim to behuh


I would think, knowing full well the circumstances surrounding the recovery of this object you would have done the proper tests on it to start with...

The only test that is defining for extraterrestrial origin "ISOTOPE ABUNDANCE RATIO TESTS"..

Now if YOU where any good at what you do you new this when you sent this off for your double blinded ANALYSIS.


Your own scientist told Bob White that these where not the right tests to do for the circumstances surrounding this metal after he had found out the entire story.

Better put your watch dog on a leash Dr Kelleher when you go sniffing up this story..

Seems to have put that nose in the wrong place like dogs do..

7 more tests have been done since NIDS had the first one done.. Your own results are wrong on your TESTS.

Elements where missed by your basic testing that have been identified by other labs since the first one done by your group.

AND finally Your numbers don't add up in what was found by your own scientists...A small percentage is missing.

Why is that Mr Kelleher?? What did you find that your hiding to??

YOU Mr Kelleher are not qualified to even comment on this as you didn't do the testing to start with.

DR. Paul Fuierer was the scientist who did the testing and he did a fine job for a basic test.



Your dog is lost and so are you..

PS: Bob White has passed two conclusive polygraphs given by police officers on how he recovered this metal and what he saw. I wonder if you can..??

A bit more about NIDS research and their cracker jack team of experts....and their findings on various objects sent to them for testing..

Several years ago a piece of metal was identified by NIDS as a part from a high tech Boeing cryogenic/refrigeration system... pretty impressive EXCEPT that is wrong.

QUOTE from letter received by owner of that metal.

The object was taken to Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas and to other colleagues of mine who are experts in advanced technology at NASA. Both confirmed the Boeing description above as correct. They added that many cryogenic and cooling/refrigeration systems utilize coolant manifolds that are of similar design as your father’s object but with some variations here and there to account for the different ways that hoses attach to the manifold on different systems.

Eric W Davis, Ph.D., FBIS Aerospace Physics and Astrophysics Div. NIDS”

LETS SEE can we all say "WRONG!!!!!!!"

If you look at the site for Agribusiness Supply Company ( http://www.agribusinesssupply.com/ ) you will see certain products for cow milking machines. Yes, cow milking machines.

That's what all these so called EXPERTS identified as Boeing cooling equipment.

That's who I want testing my UFO metal...It will end up a book end or part of a milk shake machine..

more on NIDS here...and what they didn't do and cant match as far as what they say.


On December 9, 1965, DID and object land near Kecksburg, Penn. Did and alien craft crash in Roswell?? Did Lonnie Zamora see a craft
from another world in Soccoro New Mexico in 1964?? We don't know for sure...

What we do know is in 1985 and object landed in Colorado and the army didnt get that one..

Bob White recovered that object and it didn't come from this planet..

The story and the tests are all here to view.

The elements are listed that have been found so far though a small .. percentage still goes unidentified.

This metal matches nothing being manufactured on this planet now or in 1985 when Bob White recovered it from his UFO encounter.

The list of elements are here .. See for yourself .. Find a match .. if you can.. who makes it .. and for what purpose it is used..

That's simple for all the skeptics or nay sayers .. just show us and the world a match to this metal.

We have all the information right here for all to see.

The evidence has been presented...YOU DECIDE
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You can only go
as far as you push
We are looking for the answers.
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Would you like to book our research group for a lecture?
Contact Larry Cekander

417 337 4450

Up to the minute news at Museum of the Unexplained
Aerial Anomalies Research Group on face book
There are only two authenticated UFO objects in the world!
The U.S. government has one. CIC file # 202085
Bob White has the other one.
Together we can change History!


Bubble Chamber Radiation Tests
San Diego, California November, 2006

Neutron radiation detected.
Click picture for larger view
Tests performed by Larry Cekander,
Lead Projects Coordinator from the Museum of the Unexplained
UFO and Anomalies Research Group
Bubble chamber tests performed in November of 2006 in San Diego.
Neutron radiation should not be present in the artifact.
This is not guess work or wishful thinking. The radiation exsists.
te_object.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

The above artifact was recovered
by Bob White during his UFO encounter in 1985.

"I believe Bob White has the real Hard Evidence of extraterrestrial visitation,"
says Franklin Carter, president of the Institute for UFO Research.

The Los Alamos report concluded the artifact
was not a meteor but an unknown object of unknown origin.

"We are dealing with the biggest story of the millennium."
Stanton Friedman

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