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Oct 22nd, 2014, 03:34am


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Here is the true story of the search for the origins of the artifact
recovered by Bob White from a UFO encounter in 1985,
The Rosetta Stone of UFO research.
Scientists have stated on record that the object recovered by Mr. White
matches nothing known or produced on this planet now or in 1985 when
it was recovered. This is the story of the struggle for answers about this
extraterrestrial object.
This isn’t the smoking gun…THIS is the BULLET from the GUN!
Larry Cekander was Bob White’s partner in the Museum of the Unexplained.
He has over seventeen years experience in UFO and paranormal research.

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The artifact recovered by Bob White is NOT of this Earth. SCIENCE FACT!! NOT FICTION!

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xx EMF radiation positive on all tests
« Thread started on: Aug 12th, 2011, 09:51am »

Since 2000 the Museum research group has performed several tests on the Bob White object including x-ray, and emf detectors.
In every test done we have had a positive result from the object..
User Image
The first test done was x-ray exposure tests at the Museum performed by a former NASA scientist and expert in reading exposure's of film.
User Image
User Image
User Image

The object exposed one film with 2 pin point rays from the object. these where directed exposure's, not a random scattered exposure like background radiation found say in a hospital x-ray room.
The next test done was performed by Rob Simone using a very good, German made EMF meter. The results where positive for that test as well.
We used a geiger counter shown on a TV interview which also had positive results. This may have been some background radiation but with past tests they can not be positively ruled out as to accuracy of the test.
Following the Rob Simone tests i bought a multi detector from the same German maker of EMF meters used by Rob on his test. many tests where done using this meter in locations all over the country and every time we got a postive reading in the low band "500 hertz" coming from the object. this is the band used mostly for communications. Does this mean the object is sending out a signal to someone and it could be a location device of some sort?
I did bubble chamber testing on the object using state of the art radiation detectors and got positive reading on all the detectors use in the test including fast neutron, gamma and beta. All where low level but they where from the object. When the object was removed no bubbles where detected in any tube.
User Image
User Image
A sample was sent to MIT and a faraday cage was used to do EMF testing on the piece. Emf was again detected coming from the sample of the object. A faraday cage encloses the sample so random EMF signals can not interfer with the test.
Results show from every test performed that the OBJECT is producing a signal from it.
Larry Cekander
Lead Projects coordinator
Museum research group.
Reeds Spring, MO.

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Would you like to book our research group for a lecture?
Contact Larry Cekander
417 739 2471

There are only two authenticated UFO objects in the world!
The U.S. government has one. CIC file # 202085
Bob White has the other one.
Together we can change History!


The above Object was recovered
by Bob White during his UFO encounter in 1985.

Bubble Chamber Radiation Tests
San Diego, California November, 2006

Neutron radiation detected.
Click picture for larger view
The metal recovered by Bob White
came from outside of earths atmosphere.
Tests performed by Larry Cekander,
Lead Projects Coordinator from the Museum of the Unexplained
UFO and Anomalies Research Group
Bubble chamber tests done in November of 2006 in San Diego.
Neutron radiation should not be present in the artifact.
This is not guess work or wishful thinking. The radiation exsists.

Bob White


The above artifact was recovered
by Bob White during his UFO encounter in 1985.

The Mars connection!

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Part of email from La Jolla above.
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"I believe Bob White has the real Hard Evidence of extraterrestrial visitation,"
says Franklin Carter, president of the Institute for UFO Research.

The Los Alamos report concluded the artifact
was not a meteor but an unknown object of unknown origin.

"We are dealing with the biggest story of the millennium."
Stanton Friedman

The picture above shows the end cut at Los Alamos National Labs.
Their final report calls it and Unknown Oject of
Unknown origin 19 times. View actual footage inside
Los Alamos at this link.

Entire file can be viewed at the BLACKVAULT.
The Black Vault
John Greenewald Jr.'s
The Black Vault is the largest online database of U.S.
Government Documents in the world.

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